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AIR BRAKE Instructor Qualification Program (ABI-360)

The Most Comprehensive Train-the-trainer Air Brake Teaching Resource Available

About Air Brake Interactive 360

AIR BRAKE Interactive 360 is a comprehensive train-the-trainer program designed specifically for qualifying instructors to present air brake training to entry-to-intermediate level air brake service instructors, fleet maintenance and service managers and driver trainers. Combining resources from all of our current AIR BRAKE Interactive core and E-Board Advanced Learning and Diagnostics programs, AIR BRAKE Interactive 360 is the most comprehensive air brake educational resource ever developed for qualifying air brake instructors.

The AIR BRAKE Interactive 360 Teaching Resource Package includes:

  • A Single Site/1 instructor AIR BRAKE Interactive 360 program package including a comprehensive, full color, 230-page Instructor Reference and Presentation Guide and full multimedia   presentation.
  • A fully licensed Single Site/1 Instructor version of one of the following AIR BRAKE Interactive core programs:    
          – AIR BRAKE Interactive Classroom Edition Level 1
          – AIR BRAKE Interactive General Driver Education Edition
          – AIR BRAKE Interactive Ontario Z-Endorsement Edition
  •  Plus fully licensed Single Site/1 Instructor versions of:
  • – E-Board Truck & Bus Advanced Learning & Diagnostics  
    – E-Board Tractor-Trailer Advanced Learning & Diagnostics  
    – E-Board S-Cam Brake Bias Wheel Brake Diagnostics

AIR BRAKE Interactive 360 consists of the following learning modules:

Module 1    Introduction to Air Brakes
Module 2    Air Brake System Circuits And Component Identification (Overview)     
Module 3    Foundation Brakes – Service & Spring Brakes, Chambers and Slack Adjusters
Module 4    The Compressor and Supply System
Module 5    The Park/Emergency Brake (Spring Brake) System (Truck/Tractor)
Module 6    The Service Brake System
Module 7    Tractor Protection, Trailer Supply & Service Brake Control Systems
Module 8    Trailer Service Brake Systems
Module 9    Pre-121 Trailer Brake Systems
Module 10  Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Basics
Module 11  Air Brake System Inspection and Routine Maintenance
Module 12  Air System Functional Tests
Module 13  Brake Stroke Measurement and Adjustment
Module 14  Air Brake System Failure Scenarios
Module 15  S-Cam Brake Bias (A Potential Brake Failure Waiting To Happen)
Appendix ‘A’ QUICK REFERENCE – Component and Valve Animations   

AIR BRAKE Interactive 360 employs state-of-the-art multimedia visual learning resources from our AIR BRAKE Interactive core and E-Board advanced learning and diagnostics programs. AIR BRAKE Interactive 360 can be presented as a complete instructor qualification course, requiring approximately 32 hours (4 days) of instruction, or in individual modules as required by instructor learning requirements and schedules. To the left are just a few examples of the multimedia visuals and animations included in the AIR BRAKE Interactive 360 package.

For more information and/or to discuss with one of our expert teaching resource developers, please contact:

Bryan Duross
Telephone: 519-621-0708
E-Mail: [email protected]