Program Navigation and Features

All of our AIR BRAKE Interactive, E-Board, QUICK STUDY and TECHNICAL Interactive teaching resource and learning programs employ exceptionally detailed technical/mechanical illustrations and animations.  To ensure that our visuals and animations are as effective as possible we have built-in a number of navigation and play control features.  This animation explains how these features work.


Spark Plug Wear

As part of our TECHNICAL Interactive Engine and Combustion Theory program, this animation explains how normal spark plug wear occurs and can ultimately affect engine performance.

DVOM vs. Digital Oscilloscope – TPS Test

From our TECHNICAL Interactive Electrical Systems Diagnostics program, this animation compares the effectiveness of a Digital Volt/Ohm meter to that of a Digital Oscilloscope using a throttle position sensor test as an example.

Air Brake System Quick Release Valve

This Quick Release Valve animation is one of thirty two animations contained in our AIR BRAKE Interactive E-Board Truck & Bus advanced learning and diagnostics program.

AIR BRAKE Supply System Governor Operation

This is just one of the 44 air brake circuit and component animations contained AIR BRAKE Interactive E-Board Tractor-Trailer advanced learning and doagnostics teaching resource.


Calculating Total Resistance in a Parallel Circuit

This is one of 46 electrical theory and component operation animations inclided in our TECHNICAL Interactive Electrical Fundamentals teaching resource.