Licensing & Corporate Identity


Licensing fees for our AIR BRAKE Interactive, E-Board and TECHNICAL Interactive programs are a ONE-TIME ONLY CHARGE. There are NO YEARLY LICENSE RENEWALS OR PER-STUDENT FEES

Additional instructor licenses, which include an individual Instructor’s Reference & Presentation Guide for each additional instructor, are available at a substantially reduced price for single site (1 location) licenses.

Special multiple license pricing is available to community college systems, school boards and multiple location technical schools. Contact us for details.

Packaging and Corporate Identity

Each of our AIR BRAKE Interactive, E-Board and TECHNICAL Interactive programs is uniquely assembled for each individual client. Your school or company name and logo will appear on the multimedia presentation screens and on each instructor’s Reference and Presentation guide.


Program Updates

Program updates may be offered from time to time when new issues and/or technologies arise and are added to our programs. As an AIR BRAKE Interactive, E-Board and/or TECHNICAL Interactive client, you will be advised of the availability and pricing of such updates.  Update purchases are not mandatory.

For further information contact:  

Bryan Duross, TECHNCIAL TRAINING SERVICES by phone at 519-621-0708 or by e-mail at: 


Chuck McCarty, CM Training Service by phone at 540-416-2857 or by e-mail at: