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Custom Fully Functional Interactive Multimedia Air Brake Boards

Technical Training Services is pleased to introduce an entirely new and modern alternative to conventional air brake board teaching. We can now provide you with a custom designed, fully functional, multimedia air brake board to meet your exact training requirements.

IMAGINE – a fully functional air brake board that you can CARRY IN YOUR POCKET –  and USE ANYWHERE!

  • Multimedia software program installs on your notebook or desktop computer. For large audiences you can display the program on a large screen television or project to an even larger screen.
  • Our custom multimedia air board will allow your students or service technicians to see and hear exactly how a complete air brake system functions.
  • Need to demonstrate system failures? We can do that too!

Your Custom Multimedia Air Brake Board:

  • Can cost a little as half that of a comparable physical air brake board
  • Can be configured as a typical air brake system or to duplicate your fleet air brake systems (North America or European)
  • Can include converter dolly and/or trailer systems
  • Can employ precisely the components installed on your vehicles, including compressors, air dryers, valves, brake chambers and s-cam drum or disc brakes
  • Will visually illustrated air flow, pressure and service and spring brake function
  • Will show internal brake chamber and wheel brakes components as the actually function
  • Can exactly duplicate any system malfunction you wish to demonstrate
  • Can include sectional close-up animations illustrating the function of individual valves
  • Can include other air system circuits such as air seat, horn, fan clutch, doors and suspension

For further information contact:

Bryan Duross

Telephone: 519-621-0708
E-Mail: bduross@sentex.net