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As curriculum developers and producers of technical/mechanical and workplace health and safety educational programs, TECHNICAL TRAINING SERVICES has been providing industrial manufacturers, industry safety associations and educational institutions with a full range of training development and implementation services since 1985.  We are also, of course, the creators and producers of the now world renowned AIR BRAKE Interactive, E-Board and TECHNICAL Interactive teaching resource programs.

If your company, school or association requires technical/mechanical or safety training programs, multimedia animations, illustrations, technical publications or the development and implementation of a complete training initiative, we can provide comprehensive, effective and timely solutions.


Bryan Duross
Cambridge, Ontario, CANADA
Tel: 519-621-0708
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About CM Air Brake & Electrical Training Services

Chuck McCarty, owner of CM Air Brake & Electrical Training Services, has over four decades of experience in the field of medium/heavy commercial vehicle service, both as qualified service technician and a community college motive power instructor.  In addition to being the official U.S. distributor of our AIR BRAKE Interactive, E-Board and TECHNICAL Interactive teaching resource programs, Chuck also offers custom, on-site, air brake training services for fleets, municipalities and driver training schools.


Chuck McCarty
CM Air Brake & Electrical Training Services
Weyers Cave, VA
Tel: 540-416-2857
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