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E-Board Tractor-Trailer  (EB-TT)

AIR BRAKE Interactive E-Board Tractor Trailer

(Advanced Learning and Diagnostics)


About AIR BRAKE Interactive E-Board Tractor-Trailer Edition

AIR BRAKE Interactive E-Board Tractor-Trailer Edition is an air brake training and teaching resource designed for instructors teaching advanced Tractor and Trailer air brake system operation and diagnostics.  E-Board Tractor-Trailer will provide your air brake service technicians with the advanced air brake system design and operational detail they require to effectively maintain, diagnose and repair both modern tractor and trailer air brake systems. 

The E-Board Tractor-Trailer Edition Package

The E-Board Tractor-Trailer teaching resource package consists of a 100-page Instructor’s Reference and Presentation Guide, complete with student exercise drawings, supported by 44 highly detailed component and system animations.

What Your Students or Service Technicians Will Learn?

Using detailed and clearly understandable system illustrations, your students will first learn to identify the various sub-system circuits associated with both tractor and trailer air brake systems, and identify the individual components associated with each system. They will then see and learn how air is pressurized, stored and delivered to the various sub-systems and how the components, valves and wheel brakes function as the service and spring brakes are applied and released. They will also see exactly how the trailer supply/emergency and trailer service brake systems function. Finally, they will see a number of actually system failure scenarios.

AIR BRAKE Interactive E-Board Tractor-Trailer IS NOT a re-assembly of age-old air brake training material that has been around for decades. E-Board Tractor-Trailer employs ALL NEW and ORIGINAL MATERIAL.  Its content, structure, system diagrams, technical animations and illustrations have been carefully designed and created to reflect current air brake technology. E-Board Tractor-Trailer is the most comprehensive and effective advanced learning and diagnostics air brake teaching resource available today.

E-Board Tractor-Trailer Content

Section 1 – Introduction to Tractor-Trailer Air Brake Systems (Overview)

• Tractor Air Brake System Circuit and Component Identification
• Trailer Air Brake System Circuit and Component Identification
• Trailer Air Brake System (w/Full Function Valve) Circuit and Component Identification

Section 2 – Supply System Air Dryer Configurations and System Function

• Integrated Purge Volume System w/ Bendix AD-9 style dryer
• Self Purge 2 Reservoir System
• System Purge Style with Meritor System Saver Style Dryer
• Governor Components and Operation

Section 3 – Tractor Air Brake System Function & Testing

• Initial System Charging (air up) (Tractor)
• Spring Brake Release (Tractor)
• Service Brake Application (Tractor)
• Service Brake Release (Tractor)
• Spring Brake Re-application (Tractor)
• Anti-compounding w/AC Relay

Section 4 – Trailer Air Brake System Function & Testing (Tractor & Trailer)

• Trailer Supply / Emergency Circuit Charging (Spring Brake Priority)
• Trailer Service Brake Application (foot valve)
• Trailer Service Brake Release (foot valve)
• Trailer Service Brake Application (hand valve)
• Trailer Service Brake Release (hand valve)
• Trailer Spring Brake Re-application (supply air release)

Section 5 – Common Valves and System Variables

• Treadle (Foot) Valve
• Relay Valve (standard) Double Check Relay Valve
• Quick Release Valve (Piston Type) Quick Release Valve (Diaphragm Type)
• Quick Release Valve (Double Check) Spring Brake Function
• Quick Release Valve (Double Check) Anti-compounding
• Multi-Function Spring Brake Relay (with inversion and anti-compounding)
• System Charge & Spring Brake Release
• Service Brake Application & Release
• Brake Application with Primary Failure
• Spring Brake Caging with Secondary Failure Anti-compounding Function
• Inversion Valve (Reservoir Pressure Sensing)
• Inversion Valve (Service Brake Application-Pressure-Sensing Type)

Section 6 – System Failure Scenarios

  • Primary Reservoir Failure (w/ inversion valve)
  • Primary Signal Air Circuit Failure (standard relay)
  • Primary Signal Air Circuit Failure (double check relay)
  • Spring Brake Chamber Shuttle O-Ring Failure
  • Pressure Sensing Line Blocked
  • Air Dryer One-way Check Valve Leaking
  • Air Dryer Purge Valve (Leaking or Frozen Open)
  • Compressor Discharge Line Plugged
  • Technical Error (reversed treadle input lines)

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