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Air brake training resources for heavy vehicle programs

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Air Brake Interactive Academy

Our AIR BRAKE Interactive Teaching Resources

Our Air Brake Interactive and E-Board air brake training programs have been specifically designed and developed to provide heavy vehicle air brake service instructors and driver trainers with the most comprehensive and effective teaching resources available… and Visual Learning is the key.

Visual learning is a key element in education of any kind. Today’s students are not simply accustomed to visual multimedia communications and learning – they expect it.  “Don’t tell me (or ask me to read about it), show me” is the demand of students today.  Our Air Brake Interactive & E-Board programs represent visual learning at its very best.  Employing detailed air system circuit and component visuals and technical mechanical animations your students will ‘see’ and ‘hear’ exactly how modern air brake systems function and learn and understand how and why brake system failures can occur.

“To say that I was impressed is to understate things rather a lot. Carefully and logically organized, as detailed as it needs to be and no more, the program explains air brakes like nothing I’ve seen before.

An intensely visual experience, the clarity of the illustrations and animations is extraordinary. And when I say ‘animations’ I mean moving pictures with commentary that will lay bare the inner workings of a complex air brake system like no brake board could ever do.”

Rolf Lockwood

Editorial Director, Today’s Trucking, Transport Routier, highwaySTAR, and Today’sTrucking.com

Designed and created by a team of heavy vehicle air brake service and training specialists and technical education curriculum and program developers, our AIR BRAKE Interactive and E-Board programs each consist of a comprehensive, full color, Instructor’s Reference and Presentation Guide accompanied by the CD-ROM based multimedia presentation.

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Make it Accurate. Make it Interesting. Make it Visual.
…and They Will Learn!