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Custom Curriculum, Program and Publication Development

Bryan Duross TECHNICAL TRAINING SERVICES, developers and producers of the AIR BRAKE Interactive and TECHNICAL Interactive series of teaching resources, has been providing technical and safety training program development and implementation services to industrial, commercial and educational community clients since 1985.

Training Development and Implementation Consulting Services

If your company, school or industry association is planning to develop and implement an educational or technical training initiative, we can help.  We can assist you in identifying specific training needs, help you decide on the most appropriate delivery method and design and create a comprehensive and exceptionally effective program or presentation. Our past experience in developing and producing transportation industry related training programs include such subjects as Defensive Driving, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Load Security and, of course, Air Brake Service and Driver Training.

Classroom & Seminar Presentations

If live delivery your training message is preferred, our extensive experience in creating classroom and seminar presentation packages, combined with our implementation of the latest in graphics, publishing and presentation production software, will ensure that your presentation will be comprehensive and effective.

Interactive Multimedia Educational, Training and Information Programs

If your information or training message must be delivered to a large audience over a wide geographic area, a self-contained student-interactive multimedia learning program, delivered on CD or DVD or hosted on your company intranet is a perfect solution. From concept to delivery we provide all of the services necessary to design, produce and deliver your multimedia training or informational presentation.

Technical Documents and Publications

We are experts in the design, writing, creation, layout and printing of technical and training support documents. From single-page service bulletins to comprehensive technical service manuals and textbooks, we will fully develop and prepare your publication for print or electronic document delivery.

Technical / Mechanical Drawings and Illustrations

Combining the latest in computer graphics software with our engineering know-how and expertise in artistic design, we create original illustrations and technical/mechanical drawings that will enhance your training presentation, speed learning and greatly improve student comprehension.

Technical / Mechanical Multimedia Animations

When it comes to technical/mechanical training, no other medium is as effective as visual multimedia. No matter what the subject, if a concise and easily understood explanation of the function, service or maintenance of a mechanical device or system is required, nothing is more effective than a carefully designed and orchestrated technical/mechanical animation. From the design and creation of the artwork to the scripting and recording of the voice-over narration and final assembly and animation, we can provide technical/mechanical animations that will both captivate and educate. Multimedia animations are particularly effective in applications where multiple languages are required.

Our Services Include:

• Training Development and Implementation Consulting
• Classroom & Seminar Presentations
• Multimedia Supported Presentations
• Technical/mechanical multimedia animations (electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, safety, etc.)
• Technical Writing
• Technical Artwork & Illustrations
• Instructor Guides and Student Workbooks
• Technical Publications and Bulletins
• Custom, Fully Animated, Multimedia Air Brake Boards

Our Program Formats Include:

• Print
• Multimedia (Interactive)
• Multimedia (Presentation)
• Flash Animation
• PowerPoint
• MP4 Video

For further information and/or to discuss your training development needs, please contact:

Bryan Duross
Telephone: 519-621-0708
E-Mail: bduross@sentex.net