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If your job requires that you have a thorough understanding of how Tractor-Trailer air brake systems function, this program is for you.

Ideal for:

» Drivers
» Mechanics
» Parts Counter Personnel
» Driver Trainers
» Service Trainers
» Fleet Managers



Recognizing the need for vastly improved air brake knowledge and education in the truck transportation industry, we’ve instituted a new QUICK STUDY licensing and pricing policy. Fleets, heavy vehicle repair facilities, heavy duty parts store chains, vehicle safety inspection authorities and trucking associations can now acquire our AIR BRAKE Interactive QUICK STUDY ST program in a manner and at a price that meets their exact needs.

We are committed to working with each individual client, one on one, to formulate a solution for their specific air brake training needs.  Whether you simply need a fast and effective air brake educational program, for your driver trainers to present, or you want to provide each individual driver with his or her own air brake self-study program, we’ll work with you to make it happen.

Call us for further information and a solution that fits your air brake training needs and budget.

What is AIR BRAKE Interactive  QUICK STUDY ST?

AIR BRAKE Interactive QUICK STUDY ST (Straight Tractor Trailer) is a user-interactive, self-study multimedia program designed to provide drivers, driver trainers, mechanics, service trainers, parts counter personnel and fleet service managers with a thorough understanding of straight truck and bus air brake systems.

Who is AIR BRAKE Interactive QUICK STUDY ST  for?

AIR BRAKE Interactive QUICK STUDY ST is multimedia user-interactive air brake technical reference and knowledge resource drivers, driver trainers, mechanics, service trainers, parts counter personnel and fleet service managers.

Visual Learning at its BEST

Employing detailed visuals and state-of-the-art, voice narrated, multimedia air brake circuit and component animations,  AIR BRAKE Interactive QUICK STUDY ST allows you to see, hear and understand how a typical air brake system functions.  In addition to understanding air brake system function, you will see and learn how to quickly and effectively conduct air system inspections, perform simple but effective functional tests and conduct daily routine maintenance. And there’s NO READING required!   All illustrations and animations are voice narrated.

What’s Included in AIR BRAKE Interactive QUICK STUDY ST?

AIR BRAKE Interactive QUICK STUDY ST is a six part multimedia presentation containing the following modules:

Module 1  The Factors and Physics of Braking
In this module drivers/students will learn about basic vehicle physics and air, fluid  and spring dynamics.

Module 2  Introduction to Air Brake Systems
In this module drivers/students will learn about the major components and sub-circuits of a typical air brake system.

Module 3  Foundation Brakes
In this module drivers/students will see how S-Cam, Wedge and Air Disc Brakes function.

Module 4  Visual Brake System Inspection
In this module drivers/students will learn how to conduct a thorough visual inspection of their vehicle’s air brake system.

Module 5  System Operation & Functional Tests
In this module drivers/students we learn how to perform a series of simple yet very effective air system functional tests.

Module 6 Routine Air System Maintenance
In this module drivers/students will learn how to perform routine air system maintenance and brake stroke measurement.

A Fully Functional Air Brake Board – ON YOUR COMPUTER!

In addition to discussions, visuals and animations illustrating vehicle dynamics and the function of numerous individual air system components and circuits, AIR BRAKE Interactive QUICK STUDY ST provides you with what is essentially a complete and fully functional MULTIMEDIA  ANIMATED  AIR  BRAKE  BOARD.  A physical air brake board capable of visually demonstrating the function of a typical air brake system would cost tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention that physical air brake boards are large, cumbersome and heavy, making them extremely difficult to transport. With AIR BRAKE Interactive QUICK STUDY ST you’ll have a fully functional multimedia air brake board – on your computer!  

Program Run and Study Times

The AIR BRAKE Interactive QUICK STUDY ST multimedia presentation contains approximately 58 minutes of voice narrated visuals and air system animations.  Actual presentation time for the entire program, including instructor/student discussions, will vary but on average will take 2 to 3 hours.  Instructors can, however, choose to delivery whatever components or modules they wish, to accommodate student needs and/or classroom schedules.

Your Custom AIR BRAKE Interactive QUICK STUDY ST Program

Each AIR BRAKE Interactive QUICK STUDY ST program is custom prepared to include your fleet, company or school’s name and logo.

For more information and/or to discuss with one of our expert teaching resource developers, please contact:

Bryan Duross
Telephone: 519-621-0708
E-Mail: bduross@sentex.net