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E-Board Truck & Bus (EB-TB)

AIR BRAKE Interactive E-Board Truck & Bus 

(Advanced Learning and Diagnostics)

AIR BRAKE Interactive E-Board Truck and Bus Edition is an air brake training and teaching resource designed for instructors teaching advanced air brake system operation and diagnostics. E-Board Truck and Bus is an ideal resource for providing your advanced students or experienced service technicians with the air brake system design and operational detail they need to effectively maintain, diagnose and repair modern air brake systems.

AIR BRAKE Interactive E-Board Truck and Bus Edition is designed to be used in conjunction with our AIR BRAKE Interactive Classroom Edition Level 1 entry to intermediate level program.  The E-Board Truck and Bus teaching resource package consists of a 55 page Instructor’s Reference and Presentation Guide, complete with student exercise drawings, supported by 32 highly detailed component and system animations.

AIR BRAKE Interactive E-Board Advantages

E-Board Truck and Bus can be used in support of your existing teaching resources, such as a physical air brake board and/or individual air brake components, or as a stand-alone visual teaching resource. As a stand-alone resource, E-Board Truck and Bus offers the following advantages over conventional air presentations:

Conventional physical air boards are heavy and cumbersome and therefore difficult to transport. With E-Board Truck and Bus all you need is your E-Board multimedia presentation and your notebook computer.  For larger group meetings simply add a multimedia projector and screen or flat panel TV.

While some physical air brake boards are functional to some extent, students are still not able to see exactly how the various circuits and individual components actually function. E-Board’s animation sequences provide students with a full and complete view of how air flows through a typical air brake system and demonstrates exactly how specific components function.  The multimedia program’s zoom feature even allows close-up and extreme close-up views of individual components in full animation. 

Individual Component Function
Typically, instructors use disassembled or cut-away components to explain the function of an air brake system’s various valves and control devices. E-Board Truck and Bus includes full cross-sectional cutaway animations that graphically demonstrate the design and function of the most common air brake system components. Your technicians will understand the function of even the most sophisticated components, vastly improving their ability to diagnose system malfunctions and make fast and effective repairs.

Failure Scenarios
Using a conventional air board, it is difficult (in most cases impossible) to demonstrate how specific component or circuit failures affect air brake system function. E-Board’s system failure scenario animations clearly demonstrate how various component failures influence brake system function and performance.

AIR BRAKE Interactive E-Board Truck and Bus IS NOT a re-assembly of age-old air brake training material that has been around for decades. E-Board Truck and Bus Edition employs ALL NEW and ORIGINAL MATERIAL. Its content, structure, system diagrams, technical animations and illustrations have been carefully designed and created to reflect current air brake technology. E-Board Truck and Bus is the most comprehensive and effective advanced learning and diagnostics air brake teaching resource available today.

E-Board Truck & Bus Content

Section 1 Basic System Function and Testing • Initial Supply System Charging
• Spring Brake Release
• Service Brakes Application
• Service Brakes Release
• Anti-compounding (with Anti-compounding Relay)
• Reservoir Draining

Section 2 System Failures

• Primary Reservoir Failure (Inversion Valve System)
• Primary Signal Air Circuit Failure (w/ Inversion Valve & Standard Relay)
• Primary Signal Air Circuit Failure (w/ Inversion Valve & Double Check Relay)
• Spring Brake Chamber Shuttle O-Ring Failure
• Governor Pressure Sensing Line plugged
• Air Dryer One-way (outlet) Check Valve Leaking
• Air Dryer Purge Valve Leaking (failed or frozen open)
• Compressor Discharge Line Plugged

Section 3 Supply Systems (Air Dryer Configurations)

• Integrated Purge Volume System (3 Reservoir System)
• Onboard Governor and Purge Tank, 2 Reservoir System
• Self-Purge System (3 Reservoir w/ Spin-on Air Dryer)

Section 4 Components – Design and Function

• Relay Valve (standard)
• Double Check Relay Valve
• Quick Release (QR) Valve – Piston Type
• Quick Release (QR) Valve – Diaphragm Type
• Quick Release Double Check (QR-DC) Valve
• Spring Brake Relay w/ integrated Anti-compounding and Inversion Functions
• Inversion Valve (Service Brake Application Pressure Sensing Type)
• Treadle Valve

Section 5 Technical Service Error

• Primary Reservoir Failure with Reversed Treadle Valve Supply Lines

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